Normally, a well-balanced diet contains the nutrients necessary for a good nutrition. But in different situations, such as convalescence, work stress, competitive sports or smoking, a greater intake of minerals and vitamins can be useful. Oekoplant Italia processes sea buckthorn berries into high-quality multivitamin drinks. Likewise, most valuable sea buckthorn oils are manufactured and are used as raw materials to serve e.g. for cosmetic products. We grow also pomegranate which is perhaps the best studied fruit in the world that has always been known and recognized for its health benefits. Ellagitannins is one of the most famous ingredient contained in the juice. Then, we cultivate Chokeberries and process them into a juice with a dense contents of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins, known for reducing agents;  we limit oxidative damage to biological structures by passivating them from free radicals.

Natural fruit juices as a useful nutritional supplement